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Sue and Len’s Home

Sue and Len bought their home unfinished from a bankrupt developer. The project required cooperation with lawyers, real estate agents, the former builder, the developer, and local code officials to develop a plan for finishing the project by picking up the loose ends left when the project was abandoned.

Who can say they miss their builder after the job is completed? During the duration of our project, we saw Ron Birrell and his crew on an almost daily basis. I can’t imagine anyone working with a more professional group of men, men who took pride in what they did and were a pleasure to have around. No item was too small to address, no concern went unheeded. We recommend Ron Birrell Builders to all our friends and would look forward to working with them again.
~Sue and Len M.

Nancy and Moe’s Addition

Given the proximity to the lake Nancy and Moe’s bedroom/bathroom addition required working with the conservation commission to obtain a zoning variance to build and develop a soil and debris containment plan.

Working with Ron Birrell and his entire crew on the addition to our house last year, was one of our happiest summers in the Berkshires. From the outset, Ron respected our ideas and our budget, completing the work on time and for the agreed price. He was accommodating about changes, always had time to answer our many questions and explain the construction. The professionalism of his entire staff reflects his values and business ethics, and his oft repeated phrase, “I just want you to be happy,” says it all.We recommend him without any hesitation.
~Nancy and Moe F.

Linda’s Homes

Linda’s log home offered a new experience in building a home from a kit. Once the log shell was built most of the usual work to plumb, electrify, and finish the home was required.

Linda’s second home was a complete renovation including gutting the home, removing half the roof to accomodate a kitchen addition and reorganizing room layout. Like many Birrell Builders projects, this one included work with the conservation commission to avoid contaminating the lake with construction debris.

Ron Birrell deserves the most praise I can give him. I’ve owned six houses, four of which I had built. The last two by Ron Birrell! Each time I’ve worked with Ron I’ve felt he’s given his all, he’s courteous, wise and fair in all our dealings. He knows his trade and is easy to work with. He can listen to your suggestions and can carry them out, as well as offering good advice when it is needed. I highly recommend Ron as a builder at any time!

~Linda S.

Judith and Ken’s Addition

Judith and Ken’s addition was designed to blend into the existing home by carefully matching the existing roof lines while being built as a free standing structure to avoid complications and inconveniences involved in tieing the two structures together.

Working with Ron was very smooth. He kept us informed of progress throughout the project. His workers were courteous, tidy and extremely helpful and sensitive to our needs. We recommend Ron, without any hesitation. He and his employees were a pleasure to work with.
~Judith and Ken K.

Bo and Linda’s Addition

Bo and Linda’s entryway addition was small in size but large in style. Many people commented that it completed the house and looked like it was meant to be there all along. One particularly interesting feature is the pair of antique statues we mounted to the posts using specially designed custom fabricated brackets.

“Ron Birrell is great!” That’s what anyone we asked said when we were looking for a builder to add a new entryway to our house. What we heard and what we saw of other projects convinced us to wait for Ron before moving forward. And are we happy we did! Ron’s craftsmanship is topnotch and he is a delight to work with. He patiently and gracefully worked with us as our ideas changed and realities required compromises. He designed a special fitting for statues we wanted him to build into the structure. We were delighted with Ron and everyone on his team who built our new entryway.

We have returned to Ron again and again for smaller projects and feel fortunate that we can.

~Bo and Linda B.

Nancy and King-fai’s Home

Nancy and King-fai’s home involved interesting architectural details requiring some head scratching on our part such as the Asian inspired swoop at the edge of the roof (as seen in 2nd picture from the left). Some parts of the project were also completed while the owners were in Hong Kong for work, which necessitated a long distance working relationship

Ron Birrell is a fine craftsman and built a beautiful house for us. He also impressed us, from our first conversation to completion of our project and beyond, with his professionalism, integrity, honesty, flexibility, and responsiveness to our needs. He kept us regularly informed about the progress of the project and answered our questions promptly. He also looked for ways to save us money, presented all of our options fairly and clearly, and was sure to inform us of the cost and scheduling implications of any changes we were considering. We are still in touch with Ron four years after our home was completed, and he has continued to be very helpful to us in various ways. We recommend him highly to anyone looking for a pleasant building experience with outstanding results!
~Nancy C. & King-fai T.

Ron’s Home

A builder’s home is never finished! With customer projects coming first and new ideas always developing, Ron’s home is a perrenial project consisting of a small space with much thought put into this energy efficient and liveable design.