Linda’s Homes

Linda’s log home offered a new experience in building a home from a kit. Once the log shell was built most of the usual work to plumb, electrify, and finish the home was required.

Linda’s second home was a complete renovation including gutting the home, removing half the roof to accomodate a kitchen addition and reorganizing room layout. Like many Birrell Builders projects, this one included work with the conservation commission to avoid contaminating the lake with construction debris.

Ron Birrell deserves the most praise I can give him. I’ve owned six houses, four of which I had built. The last two by Ron Birrell! Each time I’ve worked with Ron I’ve felt he’s given his all, he’s courteous, wise and fair in all our dealings. He knows his trade and is easy to work with. He can listen to your suggestions and can carry them out, as well as offering good advice when it is needed. I highly recommend Ron as a builder at any time!

~Linda S.